Cooking and design

Personal Notes and thoughts about cooking and design :

Chef Ferran Adrea


Cooking is a language.

To understand cooking, one must learn the language.

Language is a system. It is made up of alphabet/pictogram and sound associated with it.

To understand a particular language, one must understand the system in which the language is created.

To create is to conceptualise – to create a set of rules, boundaries to play with and to manipulate – Concept

Within the framework of the concept Ideas blossom.

Failures, experimentation, synergy between science and creativity.

Designed artefacts do follow the same logic?


‘This insight — that cuisine can be driven not by ingredients (or “products”, as Adrià calls them), but by chemistry, biology, physics, psychology ‘ -

Can be aptly applied to any innovation process.

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Organisation and philosophy, products, technology, elaborations, and styles and characteristics – el Bulli’s culinary discoveries

What is good design? Product design is the total configuration of a product: its form, colour, material and construction. The product must serve its intended purpose efficiently. – Dieter Rams