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Design research in agriculture and portable devices.

  • 04 Dec



One of the near future Idea was to create a mobile based application for farmers to know real time prices of the produce which they are growing. By knowing the prices, farmers can take decisions at right time.



Project MTAP was conducted in 2007-08 and

hard-soft copies were submitted to NRC (nokia research centre).

Due to non-disclosure agreement some format cannot be disclosed.
Project Guide : Prof. Uday Athavankar (IIT Powai, Mumbai)
Project Leader : Mr. Pankaj Sapkal
Social Network Analysis
Mr.Rahul Kaushik, Ms.Ashwini Garde
Design Guides
Mr. Vinay Mundada
Director of Symbiosis Institute Of Design
Mr. Anirudh Natuu
Deputy DirectorSymbiosis Institute Of Design
Quantitative survey
Mr. Pramod Sadolikar
Emperical Research Agency
Subject matter Experts
Ms. Bhushana Karandikar
Shri. Atul Sharma (Wardha)
Students Researchers
Symbiosis Institute Of Design
Nikhil Autade, Rohan Deshchougule, Sarang Ganoo, Gaurav Kulkarni, Vrushali Kulkarni